thoughtful fabrics

eco textiles

Every single one of our pieces is made with sustainable fabric like Organic Cotton, Viscose Bamboo, and Recycled Materials, which use way less resources than conventional cotton, and are less-polluting than oil-based fabrics to produce.

second life

By incorporating fabrics and trims that are vintage or deadstock, we give a second life to fabric that is destined for the landfill.


we think low impact dyes are the cat's pajamas 

they make sense

While over a billion people don't have access to clean fresh water, the fashion manufacturing process uses enormous amounts of H2O. This is why we use Low Impact dyes exclusively in our hand dying process, and source low impact dyed fabrics whenever possible. 

it's good for you

Low Impact dyes are special because they don't require toxic chemicals or mordants (to make the color stick to the fabric). High absorption rates offer a decreased use of rinse water. Added bonus- the waste water can be recycled. Don't just take our word for it, we use dyes that have been certified by the European eco-label Oeko Tex 100 as containing low levels of manufacturing chemicals and byproducts.



choose sustainable luxury

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