Experience Gifting on Valentine's Day

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What is experience gifting? 

- It's giving someone an experience as opposed to a material item. It's a fun activity for both parties such as Valentine's inspired paint class, or seeing a movie of a genre you both enjoy! The reason experience gifting triumphs all other styles is because it leaves a lasting impression and creates such wonderful memories. Whether on a first date or the 10th experience gifting is great for partners at all stages. You can do something as small as taking someone to their favorite movie or something more extravagant like taking someone on a one night cruise ship party for the evening. 



Experience gifting is the best way ensure zero waste as well, its a win win! This Valentine's treat someone you love to a dinner. Instead of going out, try something creative and go to a cooking class, then try recreating the same dish at home together! This will create a fun, creative, and memorable day for you both. With great movies coming out like Black Panther, buy tickets for you and yours to enjoy a show or even a concert. Instead of guessing a gift, take that person in your life on a shopping spree and pick two or three pieces from the pile they collected. This will also keep the element of surprise, if thats your thing.


Yes, Valentine’s Day is more than about spending money on each other, it’s about spending time, but a little gift never hurt nobody. Gifting is a way of expressing just how much you care, its thoughtful and who doesn’t love being spoiled by the person you love!? 


By: Amanda Asencio

Self Watering on Valentine's Day

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For some, this upcoming holiday is a dreadful one. Valentine's Day is not only for those with significant others; it can be just as special, if not more so, for those that are single. It is a time for self-love and care. As much as we all enjoy receiving chocolates and roses, Valentine's Day is much deeper than that. It’s about loving, encouraging and believing in self. A woman is unstoppable when she loves herself fully; look at Beyoncé.

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Valentine's Day is as simple as happily giving, but remember, are you giving to get? Ultimately the only way to truly give is to give without expectation of something in return. Self-love, for some, can be a task. Here are some cost free things you should do on Valentine's Day and frankly everyday.

  • Wake up and write down 3 things you love about yourself
  • Share a smile with someone
  • Call your mother and share your appreciation and love
  • Instead of waving to someone you know when passing by, stop for a minute to carry a convo and see how he or she is doing. Who knows, they may even invite you to their plans!
  • Meditate for 5 minutes and get in touch with your inner soul
  • Set goals and dreams for yourself both for the future and for day to day – then go get it

Happiness and love comes in all shapes and sizes. 

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By: Amanda Asencio