Self-Love & Self-Confidence

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By: Amanda Asencio

This is Part 2 of Indigo Apparel’s Women Empowerment Series. Edwina is a college student looking to become a nurse with a passion for modeling. She's a free-spirited, carefree personality who loves connecting and sharing with other creatives. Hear what she has to say on what women empowerment means to her, and find out who her biggest woman role model is.

Lovely Edwina talks on how women empowerment to her means self-love and self-confidence. For many, self-love means showering oneself with new purchases and taking a day off work. To us, self-love goes deeper and can actually mean to do that one assignment you’ve been putting off for weeks, or to ignore that late night text from your ex. Self-love is putting work into yourself, which can take time and dedication, but when you love yourself it’s worth it. As Beyoncé put it, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” More so, you can't self-love if you don’t have self-acceptance.

We’ve all met someone who could talk the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Self-confidence is being able to do both.  The first step is to be open with yourself and others. Leading with an open mind and energy allows for a more confident attitude.  In a social media age it can be difficult to achieve self-confidence, since people can curate their feeds to showcase only the best parts of their lives. It can easily seem that’s all there is and what we begin to strive for.  Social media does not fall under “seeing is believing”. Realizing that what’s on our phones isn’t always reality is key, everyone has something to bring to the table.  Self-love and self-confidence comes in many forms, it’s a practice but each and every one of us has to put their best foot forward.


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