Self-Love & Self-Confidence

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By: Amanda Asencio

This is Part 2 of Indigo Apparel’s Women Empowerment Series. Edwina is a college student looking to become a nurse with a passion for modeling. She's a free-spirited, carefree personality who loves connecting and sharing with other creatives. Hear what she has to say on what women empowerment means to her, and find out who her biggest woman role model is.

Lovely Edwina talks on how women empowerment to her means self-love and self-confidence. For many, self-love means showering oneself with new purchases and taking a day off work. To us, self-love goes deeper and can actually mean to do that one assignment you’ve been putting off for weeks, or to ignore that late night text from your ex. Self-love is putting work into yourself, which can take time and dedication, but when you love yourself it’s worth it. As Beyoncé put it, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” More so, you can't self-love if you don’t have self-acceptance.

We’ve all met someone who could talk the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Self-confidence is being able to do both.  The first step is to be open with yourself and others. Leading with an open mind and energy allows for a more confident attitude.  In a social media age it can be difficult to achieve self-confidence, since people can curate their feeds to showcase only the best parts of their lives. It can easily seem that’s all there is and what we begin to strive for.  Social media does not fall under “seeing is believing”. Realizing that what’s on our phones isn’t always reality is key, everyone has something to bring to the table.  Self-love and self-confidence comes in many forms, it’s a practice but each and every one of us has to put their best foot forward.


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Be Bold For Change

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This is Part 1 of Indigo Apparel's Women's Empowerment Series. Shaye is a sustainable lifestyle blogger and founder of—for nature, for others, for you.

International Women's Day, originally called International Working Women's Day, is celebrated on March 8th every year. It is a central point in the movement for women’s rights. I hope for the day women will be celebrated everyday, so we don’t need one day to be celebrated. 

There's a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender equality around the globe, now more than ever. In support of International women’s day many will be found attending rallies, protesting on behalf of women’s rights, or spending money on women owned businesses like Indigo Apparel. How we wanted to celebrate this day and month is by asking women from all around what women empowerment means to them and to share a story about how being a woman has impacted their life. We hope to bring a sense of togetherness and unity, a safe space for women to share their creativity, ideas, and voice.


There's Progress in Partnership

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Written by: Amanda Asencio

As we welcome the month of March and Spring arises, we want to bring focus on equality.  Equality is the state of being equal in status, rights and opportunities. Clothing is a statement, an identity, and a lifestyle. Clothing can also spread a message and stand for a cause. Through our clothing at Indigo Apparel we want to be one of many voices to show equality.


International Women’s day is coming up and gender inequality still exists. There are many steps to lessen inequality; many of these steps involve working together, listening to girls and women, and allowing women to rise to positions of power.  One of the harsh realities to remember is that when women “trespass” in spaces that were previously male-dominated, there can be backlash. Backlash can look like violence, humiliation in the office, sexual harassment… etc. This harsh reality doesn’t mean we should stop striving forward. Let our voices be heard, encourage each other, especially mothers, to raise aspirations of young girls. Images of what a women should be or do must continue to evolve. We need more role models to expand the dreams of young women in fields like engineering and entrepreneurship to be more confident in themselves and what they do.


Indigo Apparel is designed with passion and driven with a cause of sustainability. We strive for comfortability not only with fabric, but being comfortable in your own skin. Clothing is a way of expression, and what better way to express a passion and a cause than to practice what you preach #beboldforchange.

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