Plastic Alternatives and Why They are Important

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How can something so useful and widely used be so damaging?

Plastic has been an invention highly used for various things. However, today’s plastics system is broken and a great example of our highly wasteful shortcomings that are becoming more evident by the day. If we continue at this rate by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.


Proactive thinking can fix this problem


It starts with you, one person at a time making change. There is much to be done, so if there is a way to implement change, do it. As a community and society changing our perspectives and rethinking the way we make, use and re-use plastics so they aren’t seen as waste is a first step.


Simple steps to avoid plastic:

1.     Carry around a tote bag when grocery shopping. This way you won’t need plastic bags and can re-use the tote whenever. Indigo Apparel sells recycled cotton canvas tote bags for $20 -

2.     Americans use over five hundred million plastic straws a day. Opt for a more sustainable option like a stainless steel straw or bamboo straw which you can find at Package Free Shop for $1.50 - $4.95

3.     We all at one point have had an overflow of tupperware in our house. mason jars or stainless steel food storage are a great alternative to this. You can find these products on Amazon at -

By : Amanda Asencio